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As a graduate student at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, I studied interactions between prostate cancer and its microenvironment, culminating in a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Medicine. About halfway through graduate school, I attended a career panel discussion where I discovered the new-to-me field of science writing, which sounded like the perfect blend of my interests in science and writing. Soon thereafter, I pursued a science writing internship at Media Relations and Public Affairs for Johns Hopkins Medicine, where I enjoyed writing lay-level articles about biology and medicine for publication. Later, as a student in a course on writing research papers, I enjoyed learning the particulars of writing research papers, writing my own research paper, and especially, editing my classmates' research papers.

Since then, I have edited numerous biomedical research papers, review articles, NIH grant applications, abstracts, and other documents, and have become a certified editor in the life sciences (ELS). I also wrote and edited numerous documents as a Health Communications Fellow in the National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance Research Program, and continue to write for Johns Hopkins Medicine.

I have extensive experience editing for scientists whose native language is not English and in the following areas:

I also have experience editing in the areas of neuroscience, neurology, immunology, and cardiology, and I'm happy to edit in any other area of biology and/or medicine.

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