Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?
The price per document varies based on the turnaround time required by the client and the amount of editing required. For all clients, I'm happy to provide a free quote. To get one, send me your document, and I will edit a small portion of it, estimate how much total time the editing will require, and determine the total cost based on that estimate.

How quickly will you return my edited document?
I will send you my edits by the deadline that you and I agree on prior to the start of the editing project.

Do you have any work samples to share?
To keep clients’ work confidential, I do not share any of my edits of clients’ work. The best way to get a sense for my work is to take advantage of the special offer for first-time clients. For all first-time clients, I'm happy to edit the first 500 words of one journal article, starting with the abstract, for free. With this offer, there is no obligation to have me edit the rest of your document.


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